You business name, or slogan are just as important to your venture as a good business plan, only more so in China. If you are going to start a business or outsourcing your manufacturing into Beijing, the first thing you are going to think about is to register a trademark in China. Or if you face trademark related dispute, or trademark or brand protection issue, you will also consider engage a Beijing trademark lawyer to support your business.

While all plans are meant to be changed, it is far more difficult to change a business name, especially after establishing brand name recognition, a following or loyalty. A registered trademark is critical in defending your name and reputation against copycats, squatters and imitators. But even in the beginning stages, before investing capital into promotional materials or establishing an internet presence, it is important to ensure that the trademark chosen will not need to be changed a short while later.

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Beijing trademark filing lawyer

If your company's brand is built around a distinctive logo or symbol you're not alone. Most businesses separate themselves from the competition with a distinctive logo or trademark for which they have exclusive rights. But here's the big question: Is your trademark protected and if not, do you know the necessary steps involved with making it secure? Our Beijing trademark lawyer reminds you to register your trademark in Beijing to protect your logo, brand and product in Beijing to prevent counterfeiting or illegal copying.

Preparation before registering a trademark in Beijing

Why get a trademark? There are many reasons businesses obtain trademarks. They include: 

  1. Develop an identity. Your trademark gives you a unique identity that no one else can use and helps people recognize your mark and associate it with your business or services.
  2. Legal protection. With a registered trademark, you can legally stop anyone from registering or using your mark or a similar mark. After five years, your trademark becomes incontestable.
  3. Internet protection. A trademark protects other businesses from fraudulently using your name on the internet and stealing business from you. In addition, no one can enter an internet domain address that in any way infringes on your trademark.

Now Let's talk about trademark filing

Filing for a trademark in Beijing has a number of steps and can be tricky. The following tips will help you to correctly file your federal trademark application: 

After a trademark application is filed, the Beijing Trademark Office conducts an examination of the application.  

Published in Trademark & Patent
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