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23 November 2016 By In Contract Drafting
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At the Beijing law firm we help businesses navigate all types of contract issues, from negotiating, reviewing and drafting contracts to dealing with breaches. Our goal with every contract and transaction is to understand your objectives in detail so that we can help you exceed your goals.

We are widely recognised by our peers and independent guides as one of the leading teams in the field. Our lawyers review, interpret, draft and negotiate a wide variety of commercial contracts in different sectors on behalf of a range of clients from start-ups to mid sized international clients. 

Our international reach means that we act for clients on global deals on a day to day basis and recent transactions have covered over clients from various countries such as European and US companies.

A differentiating feature of our practice is our focus on big-ticket stand-alone outsourcing and commercial contract matters. Our expertise covers the full scope of commercial work, from providing a view on the enforceability of key provisions through to major deals involving a team of lawyers committed to a project for a number of months, major contract reviews and joint ventures. We also run legal helplines, providing some of our clients with day to day support when negotiating various commercial contracts. 

Our lawyers offer specialist legal and sectoral knowledge in important areas such as data protection and monetisation, intellectual property and competition law and bring to bear a thorough knowledge of the financial services, retail and consumer, industrial, digital and health sectors. This enables us to provide commercial advice in context, with an eye to protecting our clients' data, brands and avoiding the pitfalls of anti-trust infringement. We work to find practical solutions to business issues.

By working with businesses from a wide range of industries our lawyers have an ideal background in business and contract law.  Our attorneys are prepared to assist you with a broad range of contractual needs, including the following:

•Employment contracts

•Confidentiality agreements

•Operating agreements

•Shareholder agreements

•Non-compete agreements

•Real estate sale and purchase agreements

•Lease agreements

•Distribution and supply agreements

Do not hesitate to contact our Beijing contract drafting lawyer if you have any inquiries.

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