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Beijing Commercial Litigation lawyer

Our Beijing commercial litigation lawyers have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of jury trials, non-jury trials and arbitration. The Beijing firm has experience working with companies, both large and small, to assist them in achieving their objectives. Our experience in commercial litigation matters extends to both trial and appellate levels in China province and national cases.

The law firm is able to assemble a team of experienced lawyers and support professionals qualified to handle multifaceted litigation issues with the objective of providing prompt and effective resolution. Because of its experience, our firm understands the complexity of business litigation. As a result of its combination of practical business experience and in-depth legal expertise, our firm enhances the chances of a successful or sound result. The firms attorneys have extensive experience and the technology available for the management and organization of large document cases.

We provide legal counsel and trial representation in a broad range of situations, including:

  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Ownership disputes
  • Collections and payment disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • International trade litigation

Our Beijing business litigation lawyers have expertise in a wide range of legal issues that impact our commercial clients and their relationships with highly qualified experts is a critical part of our success. Their experience is combined with a commitment to client service. We dedicate the necessary time to understand the complete scope of the issues facing our clients and devise successful strategies for protecting their interests.

Our experience on both sides of the courtroom makes our arguments at trial much more effective. Our experience representing debtors helps us anticipate potential defenses that their adversaries may pose when we represent banks and creditor companies. At the same time, we are intimately familiar with the laws that these organizations must comply with when representing clients facing commercial foreclosure. Put simply, we can anticipate the strategies our adversaries will use at trial, and then use this knowledge at trial to defeat those arguments. Find our China lawsuit lawyer by contact us today.

We accept free preliminary consultation on business, commercial litigation matters. Should you be interested in our service, please contact us.