Contract Drafting

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Our Beijing lawyers are nationally recognized for its expert preparation and execution of contract drafting matters. Our reputation for excellence in the technicalities of contract drafting has grown as we've successfully represented international clients in various fields.

Contact our Beijing contract drafting lawyer for a free consultation to discuss your case and find out how we can help you with your contract needs. 

Contract Drafting/Negotiations, drafting contracts is a key to our representative legal services. For real estate clients, we prepare Leases, organize TIC (Tenant-in-Common) agreements. Drafting and negotiating contracts requires a thorough understanding of the needs of the client; protecting the client’s interests and recognizing the overall objectives.  Business agreements the law firm prepares and negotiates for our clients include agreements for different phases;


In addition to helping you structure, form and organize your business, we assist clients in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing all manner of contracts and corporate documents. Our firm's contract work ranges from employment agreements and vendor contracts to real estate closings and transactions.

Our business transactional practice is conducted with an eye toward preventing problems from arising in the first place. A well-drafted document is less likely to be misinterpreted or misused, or if it is, then clear protections may be found within the document.

The types of contract we drafted for clients include, but not limited to:


Real Estate Related Agreements

•Tenants in Common (TIC) Asset Management Agreements

•Property Management Agreements

•Real Estate Closings

•Easement Agreements

•Cell Tower/Site Location Agreements 

•SBA Loan Closings 

•REIT Agreements 

•Lender Security and Loan Agreements


Organizational Documents/Agreements

•Operating Agreements for company

•Shareholder Agreements for corporations

•Partnership Agreements 

•Joint Venture Agreements


•Organization Formation Documents


Operational & Development Agreements 

•Employment Agreements

•Non-Competition Agreements

•Confidentiality Agreements

•Trade Secret Protection Agreements

•Business Loan Agreements 


Intellectual Property Agreements

•Patent, Copyright, Trademark Licensing

•Trade Secret Protection Agreements

•Sale of Intellectual Property Rights Agreements


Business Growth, Sale & Expansion Agreements

•Asset Purchase Agreements

•Stock Sale Agreements

•Private Placements

Our Beijing contract drafting lawyers also draft Sales Agreement, Purchases Agreement, distributor agreement, sourcing agreement, licensing agreement and divorce agreement, prenuptial agreements for clients.

Our Beijing contract drafting lawyers make ourselves available for weekend and evening appointments when necessary. We maintain a broad civil practice to meet your particular legal needs. See our Practice Area Overview for a fuller description of the many ways in which we can help you. Consumers, employees, business people, homeowners, and people from all walks of life trust this Beijing Law Firm to provide solutions for their legal problems.