Beijing Intellectual Property Lawyer

At this Beijing law firm, our Beijing Intellectual Property lawyer group excel at delivering winning legal strategies in high-stakes intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright, trademark, false advertising, licensing, and trade secret matters. Our clients range from trailblazing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, all of which benefit from our unique, business-focused approach to developing litigation strategies tailored to each client's definition of success. We invest the time and resources to develop a value-driven relationship with our clients that produces better results, reduces costs, drives increased productivity, and improves the quality of legal services provided.

Private and public companies with some of the most sophisticated intellectual property portfolios in the world turn to the firm's attorneys to defend or prosecute their most significant IP cases. China IP litigation lawyers understand our clients' businesses and the critical role that IP plays in a highly competitive landscape. It is this business sense, combined with our ability to handle the complicated technical issues that are often intertwined with IP disputes, that separates us from our competitors. Additionally, through our representations of both plaintiffs and defendants, we have an expertise in remedies and damages that better positions our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

For your information, intellectual property litigation refers to any type of civil case brought by a plaintiff against a defendant, usually due to perceived infringement of intellectual property ownership. This will usually be related to a type of intellectual property registration and ownership, such as copyrights, trademarks, or patents. While criminal actions can potentially be brought against someone who violates certain terms of intellectual property law, depending on different countries and the laws a person violates, these actions are typically civil in nature. Intellectual property litigation usually consists of lawsuits brought against a person or company due to violation or infringement of a particular property.

One of the most common types of intellectual property litigation is for copyright infringement. A copyright is a form of ownership granted to a person or company over original works of art or artistic creations that the person makes or a company pays someone to make. Violations of a copyright usually consist of unlicensed recreations or copies of a work being created, whether for personal use or sale for monetary gain. When this type of violation or infringement occurs, then the owner of a copyright may bring intellectual property litigation against the person who committed the violation.

Trademark and service mark violations are also fairly common grounds for intellectual property litigation to be brought against someone. A trademark refers to ownership over a particular name, image, or other identifier that is used to distinguish one business from another. Trademarks are used for businesses that produce goods, while a service mark is used for a company that provides a service, though both marks otherwise function in the same way. If a company or individual other than the legal owner of a trademark uses that trademark without permission, usually in a way that seeks to make itself appear to be the rightful owner of the trademark, then the actual owner can file an intellectual property litigation claim against that person or company.

Our Beijing IP lawyers also represent clients to file and apply for trademark, design patent, utility patent, invention patent, and copyright. We can prepare the full set of documents and paperwork. Our fee is competitive. We look forward to your inquiry on IP matters in China.