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You business name, or slogan are just as important to your venture as a good business plan, only more so in China. If you are going to start a business or outsourcing your manufacturing into Beijing, the first thing you are going to think about is to register a trademark in China. Or if you face trademark related dispute, or trademark or brand protection issue, you will also consider engage a Beijing trademark lawyer to support your business.

While all plans are meant to be changed, it is far more difficult to change a business name, especially after establishing brand name recognition, a following or loyalty. A registered trademark is critical in defending your name and reputation against copycats, squatters and imitators. But even in the beginning stages, before investing capital into promotional materials or establishing an internet presence, it is important to ensure that the trademark chosen will not need to be changed a short while later.

Generally, the best trademark lawyers will be in large cities or in pockets of high technology such as Beijing, China. Inquire whether your trademark lawyer has experience registering trademarks in your industry. For example, a software company would be better served by working with a trademark lawyer familiar with technically complex products and how to appropriately describe the software in a trademark application.

This Beijing Law Firm, is here to help protect your business and your name.  Don't trust your extremely valuable intellectual property to some discount website.  Your name, slogan or design is how you distinguish your products or services from those of your competition.  If you're already using your name, slogan or design, then you've already developed good will and brand recognition in the market, and if you haven't started using it yet, that's exactly what you need to develop.  Don't allow your competition to capitalize on your hard work and good name.  More importantly, don't cut corners when it comes time to secure your legal rights and protect your trademark.

Your trademark defines your business, and the law defines your trademark rights, so now is the time to get a lawyer on your side, and not just any lawyer.  You need an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of trademark law and how to help you through the maze of the United States Patent and Trademark Office--one who has actually been nationally licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Remember that the process of registering a trademark is basically an adversarial proceeding--the examiner, a government employee assigned to handle your application, has to search existing trademarks and issue a rejection of your application if there are any potentially conflicting existing marks or if there are any legal, technical or procedural problems.  Your best bet is to hire an experienced attorney who can not only respond to these kinds of legal objections, but who has the experience to avoid many of them right from the start.  Our attorneys fit that bill and will help you to file a trademark application that maximizes your legal protection and the likelihood that your application will successfully become a registered trademark.


It can take years to establish a brand in the marketplace.  Bringing your product to market, growing your brand and earning the confidence of your buyers take patience and hard work.  Are you going to stand by while an inferior product rides the coattails of your brand and dilutes the good will you have so carefully developed? Of course not.  You are going to hire an experienced trademark protection attorney to fight back.

Take a look around the site to learn a bit more about various types of intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents and copyrights and the protection you can obtain.  Then contact us when you're ready to discuss taking the right step to protect your business and your name.


Once you choose a Beijing trademark attorney, make sure you receive the high level of trademark assistance you deserve. A good Beijing trademark attorney will:

1) Keep you informed of all major developments.

Trademarks and service marks are often the most identifiable characteristic of a brand. Businesses, individuals, and designers should take early steps to protect their branding and creative works. We assist our clients in registering trademarks, conducting trademark searches, monitoring trademarks to prevent infringement, and taking appropriate legal action if trademark infringement is occurring.

Whether it is examining a trademark search report, filing a trademark application, or defending you against a trademark infringement lawsuit, your Beijing trademark attorney should provide you updated information on the status of your trademark matters. For example, you should receive copies of a trademark search report conducted for you, copies of any correspondence to and from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and copies of your trademark application or trademark registration. Registering A Trademark provides all of its clients with copies of important documents and promptly informs you of any changes in the status of your trademark application.

2) Quickly respond to your emails and phone calls.

Many trademark lawyers, particularly those with a legion of paralegals preparing trademark applications, will neglect to personally answer their client's questions. Seek to find a trademark lawyer who is genuinely concerned about your trademarks and works to successfully ensure that your trademark applications mature to trademark registrations. Ask whether your trademark application and correspondence to the United States Patent and Trademark Office will be prepared by the Beijing trademark attorney or instead by one of his or her employees.

3) Let you determine what trademark you will select.

OUR Beijing Trademark Law Service

In order to support our clients’ IP needs, we provide the following brand protection-related services:

  •  Trademark searches and opinions;
  •  Trademark registration;
  •  China and international trademark portfolio management;
  •  Trademark conflict resolution;
  •  Trademark licenses;
  •  Trademark acquisition and assignments;
  •  False advertising advice;
  •  Unfair competition counseling;
  •  Cross branding transactions.

The role of a Beijing trademark attorney is to examine the risks involved in using a particular trademark slogan or trademark logo and determine the likelihood of your trademark application becoming a registered trademark. Whatever trademark you choose to select is your decision and is generally based upon marketing goals. Often a client will seek to register a trademark that is risky to use or hard to register because the trademark is ideal for advertising. A Beijing trademark attorney examines a trademark search and provides a risk analysis, but the decision of how to proceed belongs to the client. 

We help clients to unlock the value of their IP as well, creating revenue streams from licensing and sales. Clients also look to us for assistance in developing IP triage strategies, which can determine the IP assets that should be protected, renewed, or bolstered and the ones that should be licensed, sold or abandoned for optimal return on investment. 

Our services don't stop with helping you to secure your trademark, either.  We are also able to assist with ongoing maintenance filings required by the China trademark office to keep your mark active and registered.  In addition, once your mark is registered, we can help with enforcing your trademark, both informally and through the courts if a lawsuit becomes necessary to enforce your mark.  We can also help if you find yourself on the receiving end of a demand letter from another trademark owner, the so-called "cease and desist" letter.

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